Vitix Gel For Face & Body - 50ml

Vitix Gel For Face & Body - 50ml

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ACM Vitix gel pigmentation-regulating gel.

Key Features:

  • This daily face and body care product acts as a regulator for skins with depigmented areas vitiligo.
  • Vitix gel possesses an innovative mechanism of action that improves the physiological balance of free radicals in epidermal cells thanks to a patented melon extract with high antioxidant content.
  • Vitix gel is an opaque, non-greasy gel with a weakly granular appearance.
  • It encompasses micro-beads that encompass and protect the plant's active substance.
  • Upon application, the active substance is released on contact with the skin.
  • Skin type: vitiliginous or Skin pigment disorder
  • Gel with microbeads


  • Promotes re-pigmentation for skins with depigmented areas.
  • A patented melon extract with high antioxidant content.
  • Well-tolerated, no side effects.
  • Fluid texture easy to apply, non-oily, fast absorption
  • No fragrance

How to use:

  • Apply vitix gel onto and around the concerned areas once to twice daily.
  • Once the gel has fully penetrated, a care cream or make-up can be applied.
  • Vitix gel can be used in combination with phototherapy.

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