Advanced Skin Care Tool

Advanced Skin Care Tool

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High Tech Device for the ultimate pore cleansing to remove black heads, dirt, toxins and makeup that is stuck in your pores through Ultrasonic Vibration that easily brings out your black head without having to squeeze them.

It also helps with Massaging, Tightening and Moisturising with product importing into the pores with negative ion nutrition mode.

Comes with mist spray for hydration to use conveniently. It has Blue Ray Sterilisation and 24k Gold Head to prevent infection. The device is also waterproof and have wireless charging.

Device Functions:

  • Clean
  • Ultra
  • Nutrition

Device Features:

  • Professional Skin Scrubber with 24k plated gold:  suitable for all type of skin  and does not rust
  • Blue light therapy - for killing bacteria
  • Water tank to refill with water to keep the skin moisturized 
  • status display screen to switch between options with white light 
  • touch power to control the  mode and  switch on and off the device
  • wireless charger with charging base and indicator on scrubber when it's fully charged turn to green color  and red flashes when it's out of charge

Nutrition Mode With Negative Ion:

Negative ions are generated and bind with the positive ions in the skin cells. this enables the nutrition in the skincare product to reach deeper layers of the skin and reinforcing collagen production  which accelerates the skin for  fast absorb nutrients and improve the cell prototype plasma membranes

How To Clean:

On Mode 1:

  • Make sure skin moisturize with water through spray hydration or lotion, device can't be used on dry skin 
  • The clean mode will start  and produced 24khz per second of ultrasonic wave to loosen clogged pores, exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells, and clean the skin

On Mode 2:

  • Positive ion therapy Some dirt is hidden deep in the cortex of the skin and hard to get rid of them with an ordinary cleaning product. the dirt in the skin is negatively electrostatically charged.
  • When a positive ion program activated the head will attract the dirt and pulled from the lower layer of the skin and come to the surface where it can be removed easily.
  • Ultra mode use the positive ions with the ultrasonic wave  to remove dirt and deeply clean the skin, its accelerate the speed of skin cell metabolism, restore skin elasticity and help the skin to be tight and smooth 

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