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Moisture Rich Body Lotion - 200ml

Moisture Rich Body Lotion - 200ml
Moisture Rich Body Lotion - 200ml
Moisture Rich Body Lotion - 200ml
Moisture Rich Body Lotion - 200ml
Moisture Rich Body Lotion - 200ml
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  • Model: Body Lotion
  • SKU: MSC54224
  • UPC: 3380810458152
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Key features:

  • A moisturizing body lotion formulated with 88% natural ingredients including ultra-nourishing Shea Butter, soothing Organic Raspberry water, gently exfoliating Tamarind pulp acids and visibly firming Organic Oat sugars that soften and intensely hydrate even very dry skin for long-lasting comfort.


  • It's enriched with naturally-sourced ingredients that boost hydration and protect the skin from the dehydrating effects of sun, cold, heating, and air-conditioning. 
  • It has a Shea Butter that nourishes and comforts tight, dry skin cocooning it in a protective veil of body-loving moisture. 
  • Organic Raspberry water, Organic Oat sugars, and Tamarind pulp acids immediately soften, smooth, and naturally, exfoliate. 
  • it comes with a Bitter Orange wax that promotes optimal hydration for long-lasting comfort.
  • Shea, known as women’s gold that is sourced responsibly from the women in western Africa who harvest it, and hand-extract the precious ingredient into Shea Butter a sacred ancestral tradition that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations.
  • Our packaging also reflects our commitment to Responsible Beauty - each tube of our New Moisture-Rich Body Lotion is made with recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.
  • It's a non-greasy, cocooning texture that melts right into the skin, so there’s no wait time before dressing. 
  • it has soothing, aromatic notes of Clarins' pure plant extracts that will have you wanting more.

Proven results:

Satisfaction test - 92 volunteers - after 28 days of use.

  • 97% Skin is softer
  • 96% Skin is nourished
  • 95% Skin is more comfortable
  • 94% Skin is soothed
  • 93% Skin is supple
  • 90% Skin is intensely hydrated
  • 87% Skin is smoother

How to use:

  • Just gently smooth all over your body, starting at the ankles and working your way up to shoulders and arms.
  • Use each day for the best results.

For PRO Touch:

  • Just mix Moisture-Rich Body Lotion with a few drops of Tonic Body Treatment Oil.
  • Then Warm between your palms.
  • Breathe in to experience the uplifting aroma.
  • Apply with light sweeping motions all over your body.

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