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Supracolor Foundation - G 165

Supracolor Foundation - G 165
Supracolor Foundation - G 165
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  • Model: Foundation
  • SKU: MM30133
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It's a cream make-up preparation that has proven widely successful for decades. 

  • Choose Kryolan Supracolor Foundation  - G 165


  • Its preparation is well known for its outstanding covering qualities, its excellent skin compatibility, and the great assortment of available colors. 
  • Perfectly gives successfully used not only for normal make-up but also for bright color effects. 
  • It has characteristics that make it effective for shading and highlighting.
  • Its skin compatibility dermatologically approved

How to apply:

  • Dampen your sponge either with water or spray some makeup setting spray over it. 
  • Next, take some foundation on the back of your hand. Pick a little bit of product up with the broader end of your beauty sponge, and start applying it from the center of your face, and blend it out really well. This is done most effectively by using a stippling or bouncing motion.
  • To blend it in smaller areas, like around your nose, or under your eyes, use the narrow end of the sponge with the same bouncing motion.

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